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Facial Plastic Surgery (Oculoplasty)

Facial Plastic Surgery in Coral Springs, FL

Oculoplasty 1Oculoplasty is the cosmetic, corrective, and reconstructive surgery of the eye. Beautiful Vision manages and repairs issues primarily related to the tissues surrounding the eye. These include the eyelids, the tear ducts and the eye orbit. Dr. Ford is an ophthalmologist who has completed several years of continuing education of highly specialized training in facial plastic surgery.

Oculoplastic Surgery, also known as an “eyelift”, is a surgical subspecialty of Ophthalmology that concerns the medical and surgical management of deformities and abnormalities of the eyelids, the tear system, the orbit and the adjacent sections of the face.

The most common type of Oculoplastic Surgery (Oculoplasty) is considered necessary when excess skin and fat interferes with your sight, but it is also is performed in many cases for cosmetic reasons, with satisfying results.

This is most commonly a result of aging, but sagging eyelids also can be hereditary. When eyelids droop, it may give the impression of being tired or appearing older. Upper eyelids may have excess skin that are the result of stretched or strained skin and lowering of the upper eyelid creases. Removing this excess skin and excess fat makes the eyelids smoother and more defined for a preferred cosmetic result. In women, it provides more surface area for upper eyelid makeup.

During the oculoplastic surgery, Dr. Ford may also conclude that the reconstruction of the eyelid creases may be advantageous for allowing a more youthful and pleasing appearance.