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OculoPlastic FAQ’S

What is an OculoPlastic Surgeon?

An OculoPlastic Surgeon (also known as an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon) is a highly specialized type of physician that has undergone extensive training in both Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery.

An OculoPlastic Surgeon is highly qualified to treat cosmetic and functional conditions related to the face, in particular the areas around the eyes, eyelids, forehead, brows, and the middle of the face.

Why an OculoPlastic Surgeon?

Dr. Ford is a fellowship-trained Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Ford’s training as an Ophthalmologist ensures that while she is addressing your cosmetic goals, she always take the extra precautions in regards to the health and safety of your eyes and vision. Dr. Ford’s focus is exclusive to cosmetic and functional surgery of the eyelids, eyebrows, and mid- to upper face.

With the extraordinary advances in medicine in the past number of years, we are treating more conditions and people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.

There is an enormous amount of new information, medications, and treatments becoming available in the medical community, and it is simply impossible for any form of general practitioner or surgeon to stay abreast of all the latest research and technology in every field. As such, more sub-specialists are emerging as the right doctors to treat specialized conditions.

What happens during a consultation?

During a consultation you will meet with Dr. Ford to go over some basic medical history, including your past ocular (eye) history. At this time you will discuss your desired cosmetic goals.

During your time with Dr. Ford, you will create an individualized and customized plan together to ensure that you will receive the best approach to achieving your cosmetic goals. After meeting with Dr. Ford you will meet with her Practice Manager, Patricia, to talk about the financial aspects of your surgery or procedure, as well as what to expect before, during, and after.

Dr. Ford and her staff are committed to being with you from the very first contact with the office and along the way through every post-operative appointment! You are highly encouraged to ask questions at any point in time through the process.

Do I need to schedule/make a decision right away?

Absolutely not! Dr. Ford and her staff encourage all patients to make the decision about surgery and/or procedures at their own pace.

Will I need to have photos taken?

Yes. Dr. Ford always takes before and after photos to ensure that the proper documentation is always noted. This helps both you and Dr. Ford to see the progression in your treatment. 

All photos become a part of your personal and confidential medical record, which is protected by law. Dr. Ford will not publish your photos unless specifically decided upon by both parties and additional paperwork is completed.

What if I have additional questions?

Dr. Ford and her staff are always here to answer any questions that you may have during or after your consultation. Dr. Ford’s practice manager, Patricia, is available by email and phone and will assist you with any questions you may have. If desired, Dr. Ford will also be happy to meet with you again in order to ensure that all of your questions are answered thoroughly so that you are able to make the best decision possible for your surgery or procedure. 

We want you to be comfortable with your decision first and foremost!

What testing will I need before surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery or procedure you are having, you may need pre-surgical testing. In-office procedures typically require minimal testing beforehand. Standard surgical pre-testing for a relatively healthy individual usually includes some blood work, a physical exam, and an EKG. This may vary with individual patients and medical conditions.

What type of anesthesia will be used?

This will depend entirely on the type of surgery or procedure that is recommended for you. Most eyelid and facial procedures can be performed with I.V. sedation. 

In some cases, general anesthesia may be required. In almost all cases, Dr. Ford uses local anesthesia as well for your best comfort during and after the procedure. Dr. Ford will discuss any anesthesia concerns you may have in detail during your consultation.

When will I need to schedule pre and post-operative appointments?

You will need to schedule a pre-op appointment approximately two (2) weeks before your surgery. At that appointment, you will meet with Dr. Ford and her staff again to ensure that all questions have been answered and the proper surgical clearance has been obtained. 

At that pre-op appointment you will also schedule your first post-operative appointment, which is typically within one (1) week after your surgery, although this can vary with the individual patient and surgery.

How much will my procedure cost?

Dr. Ford’s approach to all surgery and all procedures is entirely customized for each individual patient’s condition and cosmetic goals. During your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Ford’s Practice Manager, Patricia, to discuss costs for the surgery or procedure that will best address these goals. 

Dr. Ford and her staff always take extra time to make sure that the financial aspect of surgery is clearly defined, understood, and agreed upon by both parties. 

Will it be covered by insurance?

In some cases, some surgeries can be deemed to be medically necessary and may be covered in part or whole by insurance companies. Dr. Ford will discuss with you during your consultation if she believes that your surgery could potentially be deemed medically necessary. If this is the case, Dr. Ford may recommend additional testing to determine your eligibility for coverage. 

Dr. Ford and her staff will assist you in submitting all proper documentation to your insurance company. However, it is important to remember that Dr. Ford is not able to make any final decisions regarding insurance payment for your surgery. These decisions are made solely by your particular insurance company and plan. Dr. Ford and her staff will make every effort to help and support you through this process when necessary.

Can I finance my procedure/products?

Of Course!

Dr. Ford offers Care Credit. Please visit for additional information. During your consultation, Dr. Ford’s Practice Manager, Patricia, will assist and explain all of our options for financing.

Do I need this surgery/procedure?

This is a very personal question, which Dr. Ford will be happy to address with you individually during your consultation. In cases of medical necessity, Dr. Ford will inform you if it is in your best interest to have the surgery or procedure. 

For cosmetic surgeries or procedures, a good rule of thumb is to think about whether your condition is something that bothers you on a frequent basis, prevents you from doing normal daily activities to the best of your ability, significantly affects your normal functioning, or is something that you feel is quite noticeable and affects your confidence levels. In such cases, it is likely a good time to consider having your surgery or procedure.

Will I have pain after my procedure?

Although this can vary greatly with individual patients, surgeries, and procedures, Dr. Ford takes every precaution to make sure that your recovery is as comfortable and painless as possible. 

At your pre-operative appointment Dr. Ford’s staff will discuss pre- and post-operative instructions to make sure that you have all the information, medication, and support to make your healing process as comfortable as possible. 

What is the typical recovery time?

This varies greatly with individual patients, surgeries, and procedures. Dr. Ford will discuss her expectations with you in great detail during your consultation. 

The average healing time for most typical surgeries is approximately 2 weeks. Many times, a patient will be able to return to work and “normal” activities within 3 to 4 days. The recovery time following a surgery or procedure is also based on an individual patient’s ability to follow Dr. Ford’s post-operative instructions. 

Please understand that this is an area where every individual is a little different, and it is important for you to allow your body to heal at its own pace.

Will I have a scar?

The likelihood of having a scar varies greatly with individual patients, surgeries, and procedures. Dr. Ford will discuss your likelihood of having a scar with you in detail during your consultation and make frequent recommendations throughout your healing process in order to minimize any risk for scar formation. 

What if I’m scared or anxious?

Dr. Ford and her staff understand that surgery and procedures are very personal decisions. We are absolutely committed to providing our full help and support to each and every patient to make these decisions based on your comfort level. 

We are dedicated to make every effort to answer all of your questions in order to make the process as informative and comfortable for you as possible. We will be with you every step of the way through this process. 

What are the risks of surgery?

The most common risks of surgery in and around the eyes and mid- to upper face include such things as infection, bleeding, loss of vision, failure of the surgery to completely resolve your condition, scarring, and the risks involved with anesthesia. 

Such risks are rare, but all of these vary greatly with the surgery being performed and the individual patient. Dr. Ford will discuss these risks, as well as the benefits and alternatives to the surgery, in detail with you during your personal consultation.